Why Foam Injection?

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Why Foam Injection?

I’ve discussed previously the reason(s) why we don’t do interior piering – namely, it’s not the best solution.  But polyurethane foam injection has only been around for about 30 years, and slab foundations predate it.  So what did people do to fill voids before foam?

Well, foam injection falls under the umbrella of “grout injection,” and until the 1980s, that meant cementitious grout – in other words, cement.

Just like with foam injection, holes were drilled in the concrete slab, and more concrete was injected into the void beneath.  While this was effective, it was also incredibly heavy – and though there are different weights of polyurethane foam, ours is four pounds.  It relies on hydraulic pressure rather than sheer weight to compact soil and lift the slab, and is much less likely to break down over time.

Ultimately, the takeaway is that home repair, just like everything else, is a constantly evolving field, and we’re happy to bring these innovations to your projects!