What to Expect When We’re Inspecting

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What to Expect When We’re Inspecting

Spring is definitely one of our busiest times of year, and this spring is no exception.  But when people call us, all they know is that we’ll come check their home for free – they have no idea what that entails, how much time it will take, etc.  So if you’re thinking of giving us a call, here’s how it all works.


First thing’s first, of course, which is getting you on our schedule.  We usually book about a week to two weeks in advance, and have recently become available to do Saturday afternoon inspections.  Once you’ve booked your time slot, we send out a confirmation letter and give you a call the day before your appointment; we understand that things get busy and sometimes appointments fall through the cracks.

The consultation itself is pretty straightforward.  One (or both) of our project surveyors come to your home, talk to you a bit about your concerns, and do a walk-through of the problem area.  They’ll point out the issues they find, and discuss with you what they propose for a solution.  All told, this takes roughly an hour.

Using their notes and observations, they draft an official Bid Proposal, which they send to you for approval.  If you have an engineering report, they can also generate a bid proposal based on that, which can be nice for our clients who may not have time to schedule a separate inspection.

Now, there are a lot of variables that determine how quickly we can begin fixing your problem, but generally speaking we can get you on the schedule for the following month – for instance, right now we’re booking jobs in April.

Through all of this, we encourage our clients to call us any time they have questions, or need something tweaked, or just want to touch base with us.  It’s your home, after all, and we value the trust our clients put in us by allowing us to work on something so important.


And that’s how it all works!  Like I said, we’re already booking jobs in April, and we have consultation slots open through April 14th.  Drop us a line!  Even if we can’t find anything wrong, at least you know there’s nothing to worry about.