Summer Foundation Issues

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Summer Foundation Issues

June is here, and summer weather is fast approaching.  With our mild winter and extremely wet spring, experts have predicted that the coming months will be extremely hot and extremely dry.  While that makes for great pool weather, it’s also going to exacerbate any foundation problems you may already have.


So what happens when the monsoon stops and the temperature rises?  As the soil around and under your home dries out, it contracts and settles, which reveals voids under slab foundations and can destabilize your home piering.  It’s not that the voids weren’t already there when the soil was wet, it’s just that the moisture in the soil was masking the problem.

Seasonal Shifting

Have you ever noticed cracks by the corners of your door frames, or on your exterior masonry, that seem to disappear in the winter and reopen in the summer (or vice-verse)?  If you have, and you mentioned to a Tulsa foundation repair company, you might be familiar with the term “seasonal shift.”  What this means is that your foundation is moving depending on whether the soil is wet or dry.  If not repaired, this shifting could result in a cracked slab or larger, year-round cracks in your walls.