Solving Drainage Issues

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Solving Drainage Issues

I want to start by saying that we at Trifusion have those injured by last night’s storm in our thoughts today, and that we’re all thankful that there were no fatalities.  

But it does highlight the fact that storm season is officially upon us.  And naturally, spring rains always highlight the biggest problem for Oklahoma foundations: drainage.

In theory, your home’s gutters are going to be doing a lot of the heavy lifting in this area, by funneling the water away from your home.  However, all those gutters do is catch runoff from your roof and channel it into one corner downspout.  It helps, yes, but it doesn’t solve the problem of all the rest of the rain – and often the downspout doesn’t direct the water far enough away to do more than have it only affect that corner of the house.  To that end, one of the most up-and-coming popular solutions is to install a French drain.

A French drain is a gravel trench dug around all or part of your home, with a perforated pipe hidden inside.  It’s kind of a reverse moat: excess groundwater flows into the pipe through the gravel, and the pipe in turn empties out somewhere away from the home.  They’re easy to maintain, are unobtrusive, and can go a long way toward maintaining your foundation’s integrity as well as reducing problems such as ponding (where a depression in a driveway or walkway fills with water, creating a temporary pond).   

“Gravel trench” doesn’t sound very attractive, but decorative rock can be used to turn them into a beautiful landscaping feature.  And hey, if you find yourself needing one, give us a call!