Signs of a Settling Home

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Signs of a Settling Home

As promised, today I’m going to talk about how to recognize signs of a settling house.

The most obvious indicator is your driveway.  Much like a slab foundation, if you have a paved driveway, that’s going to be a thick layer of concrete over Oklahoma’s silt loam.  If it’s starting to crack, there’s a good chance your foundation could use an inspection.  Similarly, many houses in the Tulsa area have brick or stucco facing.  A crack on the outside of your home (or inside, for that matter) is a pretty clear sign that something is amiss.

But there are several indicators that the soil beneath your house has settled, and not all of them are as blatant.

For instance, new drafts popping up through window frames and door jambs are great indicators that your house may not be level.  It makes sense: these openings are designed to have 90 degree angles at all corners.  When your house shifts, the frames shift, and while the frame no longer has those perfect angles, the things attached to those frames (the doors or windows themselves) do.  We’ve had clients whose front doors were completely unusable because they were stuck in crooked jambs.

Another sign is if you notice tables and chairs no long sitting level.  Now, this could be the piece of furniture itself, but if all the legs measure up properly and you still can’t keep a marble from rolling off, that may be an indication of bigger problems.  To use another client example, we were able to help someone whose bedroom was so uneven that when they laid down on the bed, their feet were higher than their head.

Lastly, and this one comes from personal experience, check for excess moisture by your baseboards.  While this could easily be a baseboard problem, the high water table means that if your foundation cracks, ground water may very well seep through and bring its own host of issues.

Thanks for reading, now go forth and have a great weekend!