On The Job

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A lot of my work can be done in front of a keyboard – writing these posts, for instance – so it’s always fun for me to get to go to a job and see our crews in action.  And last Friday that’s exactly what I did!  Our client is renovating a rental property and has slab issues.




A lot of slab issues.




(Those straight grooves are called stitching, and are re-filled after the crack is repair to “stitch” the concrete back together.)

I wasn’t there for my own curiosity though, I was there because I’d never actually seen our foam injection lifting technique in action – and how can I write about something I’ve never witnessed?

Now, I’ve been told that not all lifts are this dramatic, but check out this video of the slab correction we did in the back room:



Isn’t that cool?  

We’ve got another foam job scheduled for this Friday, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more excitement!