Oklahoma Foundations

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As anyone living in Oklahoma can tell you, flooding is not an if, it’s a when.  That’s because the water table is so high: our ground water is very close to the surface, making our soil moist and the region prone to flooding, particularly in spring.  Consequently, very few homes have basements.

So what does this mean for your home’s foundation?  Well, it means that you’re sitting on one of two things: a slab, or a crawl space.  Here’s a basic rundown of both!

Crawl Space

A crawl space foundation is what it sounds like – there’s a space of about two feet above the ground, over which your home is supported using something called a pier and beam system.  This acts as a series of concrete and rebar stilts that are set into holes beneath your home and can be adjusted to keep your home level.  We see a lot of crawl space foundations in Tulsa, because they’re excellent for areas with high water tables.


Slab Foundation

The slab foundation is also fairly self-explanatory: instead of being set up on piers, the home rests directly on a concrete slab (about six to eight inches thick), which itself rests on a bed of gravel to facilitate drainage.  Since there isn’t space between the foundation and home for plumbing and other utilities (like with a crawl space), these are often run through holes drilled directly into the foundation.  Slab foundations are more sensitive to shifting earth, especially if drainage isn’t great.

Why Does This Matter?

As soil floods and drains, it shifts.  This is great if you’re planting a garden and are using a watering can to keep air bubbles away from your plant’s roots, but when the soil under your home shifts, your foundation and home shift too.  This can lead to small annoyances, like your dining room table being slightly uneven, or large problems, like your door frames being too crooked to open or close doors – including your front door!

More to the point, the type of foundation determines what type of repair you need.  Check out our pages on piering and polyurethane foam injection to see what goes into getting you back on even footing – no matter your foundation!