Grade Beam Lifting and Stabilization

grade-beam-lifting-stabilizationStep 1: Upon arrival at your home, we will begin excavating. We will carefully remove shrubbery and plants where necessary, so they can be re-planted after the repairs are completed.

Step 2: Pre-determined holes, approximately 2′ by 2′ wide and 3′ deep, will be dug around perimeter. We will breakout concrete where necessary using a jackhammer.

Step 3: The concrete or steel pressed piers are installed under the grade beam of the foundation. Using a hydraulic ram, the first 1′ section is driven into the ground, and the next 1′ section is stacked on the first. The process is continued until the piers are driven to refusal, or maximum depth. Once the piers are driven to bedrock/stable soil, they are capped off using concrete blocks. On two or more story structures, double piers are installed to support the weight of the structure.

Step 4: Manual hydraulic jacks are placed on top of the cap blocks at the pier locations. Next, the structure is raised while the supervisor is inside checking the elevation and instructing the crew. Once the structure is raised to desired elevation, a concrete cylinder is placed on the cap block beside the jack, and aligned under the beam. Steel shims are driven between the cylinder and beam. The jack is removed and another cylinder is aligned and shimmed beside the first to reduce pressure on the beam.

Step 5: All the holes are back-filled, concrete breakouts are patched and plants and shrubs re-planted. Work area is cleaned and any cracks in mortar and brick are filled to match the original.

Step 6: Receive your Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

Applications: Pavement Lifting/Leveling/Undersealing, Soil Stabilization, Infrastructure Repair, Void Filling, Highway Leveling, Road leveling, Airport Runway Leveling, Taxiway Leveling, Sidewalk Leveling, Bridge Approach Void Filling, Abandoned Sewer Line Void Filling, Warehouse Floor Leveling, Manhole Leak Repair, Curb Leveling, Structure Stablization, Interior Floor Stabilization, Heavy Machinery Stabilization.



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