Interior Foundation Repair & Stabilization

interior_foundation_repair_tulsaHIGH-DENSITY POLYURETHANE CONCRETE leveling was first introduced to Europe in 1989, then soon after in the United States.

This process was initially used on large DOT projects, but is now cost-effective enough to use on smaller scale industrial, commercial, municipal and residential projects. With the proper equipment and materials, the process is relatively simple.

A small 5/8″ hole is drilled through the affected concrete slab. Then using our highly specialized system, polyurethane foam is injected into the void beneath the slab. As it expands, the concrete is raised back into its original position and permanently stabilized. We can precisely raise the slab to within 10/1000th of an inch. Additionally, the resistance of lifting the concrete structure compacts the base soils. Due to the short hardening time of the polyurethane material, the concrete surface is immediately ready for use. The holes are filled, the site cleaned up and equipment removed.

The dense polyurethane material is impervious to water, preventing future erosion problems.
Compared to other concrete leveling methods, polyurethane concrete leveling is more efficient, 75% more economical, 80% faster to complete (and therefore less disruptive), more accurate (to within 10/1000 of an inch), more durable, and moisture resistant.

APPLICATIONS:  Interior Floor Stabilization, Infrastructure Repair, Structure Stablization, Soil Stabilization, Pavement Lifting/Leveling/Undersealing, Void Filling, Highway Leveling, Road leveling, Airport Runway Leveling, Taxiway Leveling, Sidewalk Leveling, Bridge Approach Void Filling, Abandoned Sewer Line Void Filling, Warehouse Floor Leveling, Manhole Leak Repair, Curb Leveling, Heavy Machinery Stabilization



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