FAQ – Interior Piers

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FAQ – Interior Piers

Another question we kept getting over the weekend was about interior piers – namely, do we do them?

The short answer is no.  The explanation is a little longer.

No one worth their salt will do interior piers anymore, and the reason is because it’s not a good system.  It’s very difficult to get an even distribution of weight on interior piers, and if your house settles, those piers are the foundation equivalent of trying to prop up a tarp full of water by pushing a stick up through the middle.  Instead, for interior settling, polyurethane foam injection is a much more stable and durable fix, and won’t result in future damage like what you see in the attached photo.  

As a bonus, polyurethane foam injection is also less invasive, cheaper, and sets up within seconds, which makes the job quicker to complete.

Check back later this week for another FAQ!