Do You Need an Engineer’s Report?

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Buying Or Selling A Home | Comments Off on Do You Need an Engineer’s Report?

One question we get from clients is about engineer’s reports – what is it, do they need one, and what’s the benefit?

An engineer’s report is done by a state certified engineer, and is generally an overview of what your home may need by way of repairs.  They’re handy for a few reasons.

Unbiased Opinion

If you’re going to be comparing home piering or slab lifting quotes from several foundation repair companies (which is a good practice) and you’re not sure what might be needed, an engineer’s report ensures that you have a clear objective.  Each company will review the report and give you an estimate based on what the engineer has outlined – essentially giving you a professional opinion off of which to base any work.

Streamlined Process

Our company offers free estimates, but many places charge for their initial inspection – it stands to reason, right?  It takes time to come out to a new property and do an assessment.  Oftentimes though, if you have an engineer’s report, companies can give you an estimate based on that, which means instead of each company coming out and giving you their opinion (and potentially charging you for the time), you only have to set aside one day for an engineer.  We prefer to look at the report and the property before we give an estimate, but it still helps us know exactly what to look for, and can give an estimate from the report alone if needed.

Peace of Mind

There’s a lot to be said for record keeping.  If you’re going to be selling your house, having something that says “here’s what was needed and here’s what we did” is invaluable, both to you and your potential buyer.


All of this being said, an engineer’s report is going to run around $300-$425 (based on square footage), which is on top of the cost of any repairs you may need.  But if you feel that that’s the right way to go, we’d be happy to point you towards a licensed and trusted expert when you call us for your free estimate.