"Superior Service, Integrity, and Serving Tulsa One Foundation at a Time."

Trifusion provides quality foundation repair services in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Good foundations are the key to a long life for any home. Our technicians provide the time and effort that is needed to make sure you only need to make one call to fix your structure. SERVICE BEFORE SELF.

Why Trifusion



We are a local, veteran owned company with 30+ years of experience in concrete installation and foundation repair. We specialize in interior foundation lifting, stabilization, void filling, soil densification, and sidewalk and/or driveway realignment.

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The Trifusion Rebate Program


An independent engineer’s report is the first step towards repairing your home’s foundation.

As a part of our rebate program Trifusion may provide you with up to a $300 rebate towards your current engineering report.

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100% Repair Guarantee


At Trifusion, we are so confident in the quality of work we deliver to our customers that we offer an industry leading, 100% transferable warranty.

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